1990. 07. Founded Nam Dong Chemicals Co. Ltd.

                Developed soak cleaners for steel and brass

            Korea agency of JASCO Japan

        08. Developed electrolytic cleaners for steel scale and

            for non-steel metals


1991. 01. Korea agency of BLASBURG GmbH Germany

          03. Developed black conversion coating process for steel


1992. 04. Started factory construction at 1 ra 208, Siwha Industrial Complex, Jungwang-dong, Sihung-si, Gyunggi-do

        05. Developed neutral cleaners L-40

        10. Developed additives for cyanide zinc electroplating


1993. 02. Factory and head office moved to the new constructed site

                Developed water-soluble alkaline cleaner and ultrasonic

           acidic cleaner

        04. Developed acidic corrosion inhibitors ANTICO, Zerox-1211


1994. 07. Developed additives for non-cyanide neutral Zn-Fe

            alloy plating


1995. 10. Developed oil-water separating agent


1997. 03. Developed additives for acidic zinc electroplating

            of ammonium chloride type bath


1999. 04. Developed additives for acidic zinc electroplating

            of potassium chloride type bath


2004. 03. Developed additives for non-cyanide alkaline zinc

           electroplating supported by Governmental R&D Program

           for Clean Production Process

        08. Developed white and natural color trivalent chromate


2005. 02. Developed additives for continuous zinc electroplating

            to reduce inferior products and to cover strip marks

        04. Developed soak cleaner for steel EG line


2007. 03. Developed nickel electro-flash solution for steel sheet


2008. 07. Upgraded single type additives for high corrosion resistive

             zincate electroplaiting




























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