Welcome to NAMDONG


To survice from the drastic change of world economy and the extreme

competition, many industries put forth their all energy to cost reduction

and productivity improvement.


NAMDONG bears a part in the domestic technological development and

endeavors always to develop new technologies on the basis of long experience.


A company with reliability and competence, a company thinking the quality satisfaction first! NAMDONG will contribute to the growth of surface treatment business with an entrepreneurial sprirt realizing the common interest.


Especially, NAMDONG has a business philosophy such as quality satisfaction,

customer impression and common interest and promises to invest steadilty in new equipments and installations and in training the workers achieving 0% of defective portion, and also to settle the customer's discontents on quality deteriorations caused by typical surface treatment processes.


In future we expect your continuous interests and reprimands for prosperity of NAMDONG.


Thank you for your attention.


                                                              CEO      Kim Hak Soo

























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