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Immeraion Cleaner

Cleanol F-100 (Cleaner for Steel)

Cleanol CU (Cleaner for Copper and Brass)

EGL-Cleaner (Cleaner EG-Line for Steel)

Neutrality Cleaner

ALH Cleaner (Cleaner for Acid and Alkali)

L-40 Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

N-203 (Cleaner for Water soluble Alkali)

N-205 (Cleaner for Water soluble Acidic)

Eletrolysis Cleaner

KC-50 (Plating for Zincate and Zinc / Nickel)

KC-60 (Plating for Steel)

ND KC-70 (Eletrolysis cleaning agent)

KC-4000 (Cleaner for Nonferrous metal)

Corrosion Inhibitor

Scale  remover

ND-SST (Smut, Scale remover. When plated bad for  Zinc/Nickel )


Plating additive

Zinc Electro plating


NK-210 A.B (Acid Zinc patassing chlorade plating bath)

NA-800 A.B (Acid Zinc  Ammonium chloade plating bath)

N pro 2020 (Zinc Cyanide polish)

ZINC-301 (High- non scaling property zincate polish)

ND-TNO-A.B (Neutral Zinc and Zinc/Iron polish)

ND-469 (electro zinc plating  steel plate bath additive)

ND NF 420 (nickel freshing for steel plate)




NI2600 (rack 2 brigtener)

TOPSTAR TR (Barrel 2 brigtener):BN 10 506 1

Additive 0F (nickel barrel, rack 1 brigtener)BN 10 765 0

NP-1099(nickel , copper, zinc purifier of metallic impurities Ni bate)

Pearl and MagicBright

Pearl Bright K-6

Magic Bright MX

Silver Plating Polish

ARGOFAN (Polish for Silver) : BN 17 070 2.3


ARGOSTAR HS (harf polish, plating for Silver):BN 17 196 0


  ND AG No 1.2 (Silver Polish)


Zinc post treatment process

Trivalent process

ND-701S (White trivalent chromate)

ND-705 (Blue trivalent chromate)

ND-FTA (Black finishing)

ND-709 A.B (Black trivalent chromate)

ND-BS1 A,B (Black trivalent chromate)

ND-FT-SiM (sealing for trivalent chromate)

ND-FT-SiA (sealing for trivalent chromate)


Anti-tarnishing and



ST-1(072) (Magnesium Anti-tarnishing method)

ST-1(065) (Siver Anti-tarnishing method)

ST-1(022) (Gold Anti-tarnishing method)

MY-644 ( Dewatering and anti-turnishing agent of non-ferrous metals)


GX-235T (acrtlic solution coating agent)


Chemical Polishing

and Blackening

Iron Chemical Abrasive

FEH (Chemical polishing process for steel)

Iron Blackening

RA-290 A.B (alkaline black on steel)

Stainless Chemical Abrasive

K-1024 (stainless SUS 304 chemical polishing)

Stainless Blackening

H-540 (1)  (alkaline black on stainless steel)


Other Products

Oil-Water separator






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